Need reassurance?

The Web Effect have done a wonderful job with my website. It's clear and very professional. Even better is the service I receive when I needed something changed. Updates were made quickly and efficiently. My experience with your company has been great.

- C Coxen, Tough Plastics

Need a Quote?

Do you have a project that you think we would be perfect for? Would you like to set up a consultation? You can get the ball rolling by downloading our Project Planner. Share it with your team, full it out at your leisure and then email it back to us.


We've all dealt with Web and IT specialists. They often talk to us as if we are stupid and don't explain things properly. If that isn't bad enough you can be left waiting weeks for feedback and changes! At The Web Effect we show respect, understanding and patience while striving to achieve the best possible web solution for your business.

Don't think for a moment that your customers aren't already online. Without a doubt, the Internet is rapidly becoming the number one medium for small business. Anyone listed in yesterday's yellow pages needs to be available on today's internet. It's where your customers expect to find you. A Website allows your prospects to gather information from the privacy of their computers. If created properly and nurtured faithfully it can add credibility and increase client trust without you having to lift a finger. It works when you can't.


What are the costs?

Depending on your needs, every website varies in cost. Realistically your average website would cost around R600 a page.

What process is involved?

While we don't set the process in stone, we do like to try stick to a set structure. An example of such a structure would be:

  1. We meet with the client to explain whats involved and to get a better idea of their needs. This is done primarily by using our website planner.
  2. We will then ask for any information or content that we need in order to be able to build a site-map (a document detailing the layout of the website, milestones and deadlines).
  3. Once the site map has been approved we will ask for a deposit.
  4. At this stage we may ask for additional content after which we present a development link to the client ( this shows a rough draft of the website that only the client can see).
  5. The client then will make a list of all the changes on the website that they want.
  6. We will then carry out these changes to our best ability - If a change can not be actioned we will then present several alternatives.
  7. The client then will make a second and final list of changes that they want on the website.
  8. We will then carry out these changes to our best ability.
  9. At this stage we make sure the client is happy and begin bug testing
  10. Once bug testing is complete the website will go live.
  11. Once the site has gone live we will invoice for the outstanding amount.

What happens once the website has gone live

Once the website has gone live we offer several other services which benefit you: